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Clarifying Your “Why”

Many entrepreneurs start out with the sole purpose of making money. Although, no business can succeed without earning profits, there have been many financially successful entrepreneurs whose lives were unfulfilled, despite their business success. That’s because money can buy us lots of treasures and pleasures, but money alone cannot buy contentment. Thus, it’s important that we connect our business pursuits with our passions. Only when the “Why” of our business pursuits links us to a deeper sense of our purpose, those things that bring a greater sense of fulfillment to our lives, or the legacy we are trying to leave, can we achieve true business success. Tony Hsieh affirmed: “Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.” Money will not always come easy for entrepreneurs. That’s why people who only chase money in business often get frustrated and fail. Those who chase their passion and legacy through their business endeavors will find greater satisfaction and contentment on the arduous path to business profitability. The bottom line is this: Those who pursue their business dreams only for the sake of profits, will often find themselves working from desperation as they seek to overcome the hurdles they face. In contrast, those whose “Why” is connected to a higher sense of purpose and legacy, will find a constant source of inspiration as they pursue their higher calling and mission through their business enterprise. Therefore, its critically important for every entrepreneur to clarify their “Why”.


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