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Charting New Ways of Living

It's clear that the #coronavirus has drastically changed our way of living in such a brief time. And, although, most of us are groaning and yearning to get back to the way things were before this pandemic, some aspects of our old normal will not return, and it’s for the better.

For example, the poor management of our health, that has beset so many of us with chronic diseases that have increased the risks associated with this virus, cannot continue. Similarly, our constant moving about on cars, trains, and planes may have been good for our economy, but it’s been bad for our environment, particularly our air quality. Therefore, we will need to strike a greater balance between our freedom of movement, and the greater #health needs of our society as we move forward.

Plainly, there are so many aspects of the old normal that wasn't good for the health and well-being of ourselves, or this planet we depend on for our existence. That's why we must begin to explore how our #new normal will look. Charting the way forward must start with examining our perspectives on life. Here are some critical questions to answer:

· Is this the time to rapidly restructure our workplaces to increase work-from-home opportunities?

· Are we now in a better position to focus not only on making sure more people have insurance coverage, but that we are also engaging in the behavior changes needed to help the American public become healthier?

· Is this a good time to address our emotional wellness so that we can improve our most intimate relationships (we’ll never know when we may have to be quarantined with others in ways that will challenged our ability to really be close)?

· Should schools now strike a balance between distance/virtual classrooms versus physical classrooms?

These and many other questions must be explored to help us chart new ways of living, because truthfully, there is no returning to the old normal.

Today, I implore you to take this time of being shutdown to develop new maps and guideposts as we seek to blaze new trails for living a new normal. #Sharing Wisdom

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