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My Story 

The Purpose and Passion that Drives Me

  • Forty Years as a Spiritual Mentor, Guide, and Teacher.

  • Certifications in Transformation Coaching, Life Coaching, and Wellness Coaching.

  • Mastery of Personal/Inner Transformation.

  • Business Builder at the Age of Six.

  • Doctorate Degree in Business.

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Even as a young boy, I had ideas running around in my head. I always dreamed of being in business for myself, but I also wanted to make a difference in the world. Thus, it was natural that at the age of six, tired of seeing old soda bottles littered across my community, I grabbed my red wagon, and started picking bottles off the ground and carrying them to the nearby recycling plant. I was paid two cents per bottle. Thus the life of an entrepreneur started.

At seventeen, I began a lifelong journey of conscious awakening which made me aware of the link between inward change and life success. This journey not only led me on a diligent pursuit of the spiritual and mental keys to real and lasting happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity, but it also caused me to experience profound and positive emotional, mental, and spiritual shifts (soul transformations).

Over the next forty years, I lived a satisfying and rewarding life, aligning my spiritual perspectives, my love for business, and my calling to create a better world. I started a number of financially successful business ventures focused on health and wellness. I also developed humanitarian projects in the U.S. and Africa focused on transforming high-risk youth into high-impact leaders of tomorrow, and empowering impoverished rural communities to self-sustain and prosper through micro-enterprise initiatives.

Then, a few years ago, I took a hard look at my life. I realized that although my life was satisfying on so many levels, I still felt a more powerful and potentially fulfilling sense of purpose pulling and tugging on my soul. I could hear the next phase of my life's journey calling out to me.

It was then that I started noticing others who felt they weren’t living the life they desired. Many understood their passion and purpose, but were afraid to embrace their true path. They were struggling with many of the issues I’d experienced on my journey:

  • They needed help clarifying what they truly wanted to do with their lives.

  • There was the tendency to resist change through self-sabotage.

  • They needed to develop a new mindset in order to overcome doubts, fears, and negative beliefs.

  • They needed the know-how to construct the life they wanted.


That’s when my new life’s calling became clear to me. Now, after four decades as a spiritual guide, empowerment specialist, and successful entrepreneur, I have clearly defined my gift for helping others reach their desired personal and professional goals. Whether it’s helping purpose-driven individuals navigate inward changes (soul shifts), or empowering passionate creators to break free of limitations and start their dream business, I am committed to helping others unlock their inner strengths, capabilities, and potential; learn practical tools for life transformation; and live a life that’s meaningful, fulfilling, and financially rewarding.

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