My Story 

The Purpose and Passion that Drives Me


Building Builder Since the Age of Six

Innovative, Futuristic Thinker

Great at Creating Processes that Drive Growth

Effective Team Builder

Links Inner Transformation and Business Success

Doctorate Degree in Business

Certification in Entrepreneur Coaching

Leads Business Startup and Growth

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What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s aligning my purpose, potential, and passion, to pursue my dreams, live a life of prosperity, and create a better world.


Even as a young boy, I had ideas running around in my head. I always dreamed of being in business for myself, but I also wanted to make a difference in the world. Thus, it was natural that at the age of six, tired of seeing old soda bottles littered across my community, I grabbed my red wagon, and started picking bottles off the ground and carrying them to the nearby recycling plant. I was paid two cents per bottle.

Since those humble beginnings as a young Heart-Preneur (someone seeking to do good, make the world better, and make money doing it), I’ve spent the last 40 years successfully developing health and wellness enterprises. Also, I’ve developed and funded humanitarian projects in the U.S. and Africa, focused on transforming high-risk youth into high-impact leaders of tomorrow, and empowering impoverished rural communities to self-sustain and prosper through organic farming.


Now, after four decades as an entrepreneur, business builder, and transformation guru, I’ve clearly defined my gift for helping mission-driven businesses and nonprofit organizations, pursue their vision, express their values, live out their mission, and make a positive impact on society, while achieving sustained financial growth.