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The Power of Our Dreams

One of the most powerful utterances I've ever heard, were the words spoken by Edward Kennedy at the funeral of his brother Bobby: “Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not.”

Dreams are powerful! I would dare say that the greatest achievements in the world probably started out as dreams; that is, thoughts or ideas deep within someone’s mind, or a desire deep within their hearts, or simply something they visualize during a time when their imagination was soaring. Even now, someone, somewhere, is imagining something that does not yet exist, and asking themselves: Why not?

Every business starts out as a dream, goal, or desire. It could be the desire to live a certain lifestyle, or the dream of helping others. It could be a pull of some creative idea paining to be born, or a compelling urge to make a difference in the world. Or it could just be the dream of being rich. Regardless, the seed of every business is a dream or desire that wants to be expressed through entrepreneurship.

Those businesspersons that have achieved phenomenal success understand the power of dreams. Listen to what the billionaire Richard Branson had to say: “Unless you dream, you are not going to achieve anything.” Farrah Gray makes the profound statement, “Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Simply put, we will spend our lives pursuing a dream. The only question is whether the dreams we pursue, are our own heart's pull and tug, or someone else’s desire.

No matter where we are in the business building process, business startup or growing an existing business, we must stay connected to the dream that is the seed of our entrepreneur efforts. Staying connected to the dream-seeds of our business idea will continually fuel the fires of passion to keep us motivated through the challenging times that every business experience.

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