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For Men

Helping Men Navigate Life Changes and Transitions!

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Healthy Manhood Workshops

There is awesome potential in every man. Every man is wired for greatness and heroics. Every man holds treasures inside himself to offer to the world. To tap into higher dimensions of themselves and live their true potential, men only need to acknowledge their ability to grow and change for the better.

Healthy Manhood Workshops provides powerful insights to men on how they can live a more positive, healthy, and fulfilling expression of masculinity.

The program focus is to help men:

  • Overcome inward resistance to change.

  • Reprogram their beliefs.

  • Use challenges as steppingstones.

  • Develop confidence.

  • Gain practical tools for life transformation.

  • Develop attainable and actionable goals.

Based on the book, Triumphant: The Journey to Healthy Manhood, The following seminars/workshops are offered.

  • Level One: Understanding Healthy Manhood! -  This 90-minute seminar helps men understand paradigms required for living a powerful and positive expression of manhood.

  • Level Two: The Journey to Healthy Manhood - A one-day seminar design to help men address four essential aspects of healthy manhood: seeing, aligning, loving, triumphing.

  • Level Three: This is a customizable workshop design the meet the needs of the sponsoring organization. 


These workshops are a valuable resource for any organization working to help men grow, change, and find life success. 

Interested groups or individual should send an email  to

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